The story behind
the project

The story behind the project

“Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.” — Leo Burnett said once.

The bottom line

Most creative advertising is done by market giants — brands that know exactly how to make a product interesting on demand. Meanwhile, small and medium businesses linger in the shadows, constantly in fear of spending WAY TOO MUCH or, even more upsetting, do not consider investing in creative marketing at all! I’m not even going to start talking about startups: the little ones just hatched and it seems that worrying about their own asses takes over all their thoughts in business processes.

Creator's pain

When I worked as Art Director at Leo Burnett, a day of brainstorming, creative flow, idea ping pong, and flipping through sponsorship posts on Facebook, felt like complete dullness! Imagine you are scrolling through Tinder, and all the faces there are exactly the same — there is simply nothing that grabs your attention! But what if, those people are just not your taste? 0_0

Why does all online advertising feel the same and look like it’s produced by a factory?

Today, the main types of digital advertising are composed of stock photos of happy people, funny animal pictures, close-up jewelry with the caption “best quality at modest prices.” Even if you google “how to make a creative online advertising campaign,” you will get a set of identical tips that are far from creative ones. Come on, guys!

You might deduce that the ordinary buyer understands only simple formats and primitive metaphors. The buyer is a fool, after all. In fact, we too often act as buyers — so, do we live in a world of fools now?!

The truth is that creative advertising always stands out from the crowd, does not fall into the “blind spots” of online advertising, creates an emotional connection and talks about the uniqueness of the product.

How to approach ads creatively, without losing leads or reducing conversion?

You can increase the conversion of advertising in different ways. Recent studies say that content that talks about the brand and tcreates an emotional connection with the customer greatly increases the loyalty of the audience. Creative advertising is remembered for a long time and sometimes even becomes part of popular culture. Digital creativity has great advantages, in particular, it can act as a small bomb of information: BOOM and everyone knows about it. On the same day, the whole world can discover the product. All you need is an idea!

An idea is a path to the uniqueness

Creative and fresh ideas in advertising can be compared to innovative business models entering the market. Yes, it is hard! Startups offering fresh products, that are unlike anything else, are cool and they always have a greater chance of success.

And creative advertising is the best way to distinguish your company from the crowd, to become unique and recognizable. This is where we help businesses by offering creative ideas for online advertising campaigns.

"Advertising is at a stage where nobody has the recipe [for digital]," says Carney. ‘Everybody is making it up. It's a fascinating space to be in right now.

Mila Dayan, a founder of Moderne.