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European Wax Center launched its #AxThePinkTax campaign to raise awareness surrounding the often-overlooked Pink Tax: the extra amount of money women are charged for everyday products and services throughout their lives.

Women should not have to pay extra for gender specific goods — razors, dry cleaning and hygiene products — where many studies have shown that they pay more for those items than men.

It’s called the ‘Pink Tax’ and some brands have called attention to the pay gap problem over the past few years. The European Wax Center is taking a stand by launching the next phase of its #AxThePinkTax campaign to raise awareness of this gender price discrimination.

By using social and digital content, out-of-home, live events, an influencer program, an in-center takeover across 700-plus locations and a new dedicated website – complete with a birthday calculator so that women everywhere can see how much the Pink Tax has cost them to date – among other components, the campaign calls out the absurdity of the Pink Tax and debunks anyone doubting the existence of this issue by showing gendered price discrepancies that follow women their entire lives, “from cradle to cane.”

After its launch, the campaign impacted awareness in just two weeks with an 3x increase in Google searches of "Pink Tax" and an 1,400% increase in conversation across social. Overall, the impact was powerful: 70MM+ impressions (+72% increase over goal), 4,000+ hashtag uses, 300,000+ landing page visits, 23 average Snapchat playtime (over the usual 14-16s average playtime).