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Xfinity Mobile, a wireless carrier brand, using pre-rolls on Youtube shows how much it will cost to watch the video through other networks. A great creative example of comparing your buisness with competitors.

In Goodby Silverstein & Partners' latest for Xfinity, the agency has turned pre-roll ads into "price tags" that translate the data that you're about to use up watching a YouTube video into a real dollars-and-cents value. The six-seconds ads are tailored to the type and length of content that you click in to watch. A makeup how-to video, for example, explains, "The next tutorial could cost you up to 44 cents in data. So switch to Xfinity Mobile and save." That fee will change depending on the length of the video.

Goodby consulted with YouTube in determine popular genres to target and expected length and data usage for each. The ads will span content including the aforementioned tutorials, music videos, gadget reviews, movie trailers and sports highlights.

The point of it all is to show how Xfinity Mobile can help its customers void data charges by connecting to them to millions of 4G LTE WiFi hotspots around the country.

RESULTS: +2K Youtube videos got price tags, more than 3x online searches for Xfinity Mobile, 113% increased brand interest

The clips drive how Xfinity Mobile helps its customers avoid data charges by letting them connect the millions of 4G LTE WiFi hotspots around the country. Rolling ahead of the most popular genres on YouTube, the campaign has put prices on over 2,000 of YouTube’s most popular videos, with 4.5 million impressions to date.



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