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KFC Scroll Thru

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KFC offers an alternative variation of 'live-feed,' by launching a drive-thru that sits within social media threads, where users can order food at a 'cluck' of a button.

When the weather's off or you're feeling particularly lethargic, the thought of venturing outside to answer your KFC cravings can feel like a bit of a challenge.

With this in mind, KFC Middle East has opened up a new kind of drive-thru that allows social media users to order food directly from their social media thread. As users aimlessly scroll through their social media threads, the drive-thru will appear in the place of an ad. After the window is pulled up, a KFC employee warmly greets the scroller before suggesting various meals that might tickle their taste buds.

They can then swipe through the menu that appears below the window, and select which meal they wish to order instantly. It will be available in social feeds and websites across the Middle East, and is produced in both English and Arabic.



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