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Make My Sandwich

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Ecommerce Social Media

Arby’s brilliant transition from creating custom, hand-crafted content out of the brand’s packaging to using actual sandwich ingredients to build real-time, quick-response social portraits.

In order to bring Arby’s to the forefront of the sandwich conversation in unison with it's Head of Sandwiches campaign, Arby’s worked with a variety of celebrities to start the conversation on Twitter, using the hashtag #MakeMySandwich. One by one, Arby’s drew each personality’s portrait and replied with its finished “sandwich” creation.

Arby's fans, all of which were shared across multiple platforms, including ongoing real-time Twitter replies, a two-hour Facebook Live, build-along videos, Instagram Stories, carousels, galleries and more.

2M Twitter impressions, 11M Facebook impressions, 5M Instagram impressions, 32K #MakeMySandwich hashtag mentions, 99% positive sentiment


Senior Directors

Josh Martin, Jared Kozel


Scott Hunt


Jennifer Barclay