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Overcrowded Banners

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Social Banners

Prolam Y&R agency created a campaign through the internet's smallest media. For a full day, they broadcasted live the reality of several families. Through rich media banners, the agency showed how an entire day went.

Housing deficit in Chile (including irreparable damaged houses, groups of families that live together and overcrowded urban centres and houses) affect 1.150.000 people who need a place to live. That means that today 6 in 100 chileans live in precarious conditions. This campaign looks forward to make visible an invisible issue in public agenda.

Film advertisement created by Y&R, Chile for Fundación Vivienda, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.



Andrés Díaz, Sebastián Vildósola


Marco Calderón, Javier Jensen


Andrés Díaz