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The Phone Cleanse

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As a newcomer to the mobile industry, Xfinity Mobile broke through to the audience with an unexpected message: use your phone less.

Agency created a 7-day Phone Cleanse that helped smartphone users reboot the relationship they have with their devices. Like any good cleanse, it started with a book, available exclusively through Xfinity Mobile. Inside, each daily challenge tackled a key mobile pain point and offered up tips to enhance a user’s mobile well-being. From there, we made the program available on every smartphone in the world — creating custom Cleanse toolkits in the most addictive social apps, and launching a website that was, of course, designed for mobile.

Wherever people were struggling with mobile addiction, we created custom social versions of the Cleanse. Facebook. Snapchat. Pinterest. Each chapter became a snackable piece of content designed especially for mobile consumption. From there, we built a mobile-first experience where visitors could take the full 7-day Cleanse and even request a free hard copy of the book with just a Tweet.

The Phone Cleanse wasn't a one-off stunt, it was Xfinity Mobile's chance to make a statement on mobile technology. Phones are at the centre of what the brand does, so it was important that we educated the public on how to have the best possible relationship with their device.

There was a 13-point lift in ad awareness (220% above the tech vertical benchmark), an 11-point lift in top of mind awareness (400% above the tech vertical benchmark), 81% increase in social conversation about Xfinity Mobile compared to 2017, 5.5 million people viewed our Phone Cleanse content

Team of influencers (with a combined 3.1 million followers) resulted in 85 unique posts, 579,405 impressions and 28.9K public engagements. In less than three months, our program became the cleanse of the summer. Nearly 600,000 people attempted the Phone Cleanse, giving our young, upstart brand the attention and awareness it was looking for.



Jesse Suchman, Conor Hogan, Marcos Cantos