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Burger King hacked the popular stories feature on Instagram to create a one of kind Whopper building experience.

Burger King Spain knows you spend all day looking at Instagram stories, so why not build your own Whopper while you’re at it?

The brand created nine stories, one for each of the traditional Whopper ingredients. The 15-second segments of each story featured a fun, cheeky poll that invited users to pick their favourite toppings. Once the polls were completed, they generated a unique coupon (sent through DM) for fans to redeem at a Spanish Burger King location of their choice for their free, customized Whopper.

Within hours—and without any paid media—the campaign had 270,000 interactions with 45,113 unique users engaging and 34,675 custom Whopper coupons created in under three hours.

RESULTS: +270 brand integration Twitter impressions, +30K Whopper build , +10% increase followers with $0 media investment



Pancho Cassis, Fred Bosch


Aida Pozuelo


André Toledo, Isabel Rey