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Y-3 Split Screen

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Social Media Ecommerce

The first ever multi-cam Instagram livestream is a completely unique live experience for Y-3 - a brand known for its obsession with innovation.

An opportunity to cover every possible angle of the Y-3 Paris runway show, bringing every detail of every moment through an immersive experience.

Y-3 teased the show across social media, and then let the audience take in the latest collection from every angle imaginable. The high-resolution broadcast seamlessly wove multiple angles together at once and was the first of its kind for the platform.

Y-3 created a split-screen live story that showed both full body looks and shoe close-ups in real-time.

By combining both in one screen, we created an environment where viewers could easily see how to style the outfit but also still get the details of each shoe.

Live Multi-Cam Coverage (F/W 2017-18): The live multi-cam coverage of the show reached 20,000 unique viewers on Instagram Live and garnered 288,000 views when placed on Instagram Stories. Instagram posts using content from the show received over 157,000 likes and another 210,000 views, bringing the total show coverage on Instagram to over 6.6 million impressions. Twitter content around the show added another 5.5 million impressions for the brand

Live Split-Screen Coverage (S/S 2018): The split multi-cam coverage of the S/S 2018 show reached 75,000 unique viewers on Instagram Live and garnered 2.5M views on Instagram Stories — a 275% increase in viewers from the F/W season. Instagram posts using content from the show received over 566,000 likes, bringing in over 49M total impressions.


Produced by

Annex88, adidas Y-3