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A lot of potential customers often explore competitors by googling "Productname Alternatives". In 2014 Zendesk hijacked the Google search by building a website for a fictitious alternative rock band called Zendesk Alternative. It still on the top after five years.

A browser search of the term “Zendesk alternative” returns a few paid advertisements from cloud-based customer support software providers followed by a series of pages all labeled, “Zendesk Alternative.” The first organic search result directs visitors to a page titled, Zendesk Alternative, The Only Alternative to Zendesk. When you visit Zendeskalternative.com, the site serves you a behind-the-scenes video interview of alternative-punk band Zendesk.

In reality, the entire existence of the Zendesk alternative punk band is a marketing ploy by cloud-based customer support service Zendesk. Why did the brand invest resources and time into inventing a nonexistent band for a fake webpage? We spoke with Zendesk Creative Director Matthew Latkiewicz to learn the story behind the campaign.

Zendesk offers a cloud-based customer support service to help businesses build better relationships with their customers. Zendesk has become a market-leader in its industry–a feat that manifested in the company’s initial public offering in May, 2014. However, thanks to some tough competition, Zendesk’s success hasn’t been an easy waltz to victory.