Our Pricing

yearly(25% off)
For Agencies
Get the full power of our platform: unlimited access to our database and collaboration features for your creative team. Find, organize & share relevant best practices!
Access to thousands of creative market and consumer insights, ideas, trends, and innovations.
Unlimited industries, users and campaigns.
Additional support from our analysts.
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For Brands
Use endless sources of inspiration and data from best practices and case studies on the most effective marketing, understand what's working in your category and build evidence for your ideas.
Access to thousands of creative market and consumer insights, ideas, trends and innovations.
Unlimited industries, 5 users and 5 campaigns.
Industry-specific trend reports.
per month, billed annually
For Startups
Stand out from your competitors with a creative approach in your next marketing campaign. Get the world’s top market and consumer insights, ideas and trends.
Access to the best creative market and consumer insights, ideas, trends and innovations from your industry.
1 industry, 1 user and 1 campaign.
per month, billed annually
How can I pay?
You can set up regular credit card payments. Get in touch with our team if you’d prefer to be billed using a different payment method.
Can I subscribe to Moderne on monthly basis?
No, Moderne is available as an annual subscription only.
What is included in my annual subscription?
Your annual subscription gives you full online access to the Moderne platform including 40,000+ market and consumer insights, case studies, trends and ideas. We also provide monthly reports on your primary industries
Can I share my login details with someone else?
Your personal profile details cannot be shared.
Have any other questions?
Contact us via support@moderne.st